Software Solution
to Manage
Labor Contracting Process

What is


is an online system that arranges the relation between:



purpose is to preserve the rights of both

Not just an online system

However, T.I.P.O.E.S. is not just an online system, but it’salso an arranger of agreements with

The Process of T.I.P.O.E.S.

The Benefits of Using T.I.P.O.E.S.

T.I.P.O.E.S. Makes a Full Record of All Parties.

If Any Problem Occurs, T.I.P.O.E.S. Can Push on the Recruitment Agency by Closing it's Account as a First Step.

T.I.P.O.E.S. Collaborates with Lawyers.

Signing with an Insurance Company to Recover Any Repatriation.

Always Finds Solutions Between Employers And Employees.

Guarantees the Employees' Qualifications.

Knowledge of Adherence Information About Employers And Companies.

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